All Trophy List of The Callisto Protocol Game

The Callisto Protocol all trophy lists- Like other games, this game holds lots of trophy achievements including hidden trophies too which need a specific way to earn them.

Nowadays, the maximum game holds many trophy challenges which are very exciting to collect. Either completing these things lets you reward something special in your inventory or a 100% game achievement. The Callisto Protocol game also holds lots of trophies including some hidden achievements which you can collect.

So this article is going guide you through everything about All Trophy lists of the Callisto protocol game.

All Trophy List of The Callisto Protocol Game

Everything you need to know about the Callisto protocol game’s Trophy list

In this game, you can earn a total of 27 types of trophies where 1 is a platinum trophy, 7 gold trophies, 9 silver trophies, and 10 bronze trophies. Here are the details below of how to achieve all of them by completing some particular tasks.

How to earn Platinum Trophy

You can get this trophy only after collecting all gold, silver, and bronze trophies.

How to earn Gold Trophy

To earn all 7 gold trophies, you need to complete the below-mentioned challenges

  • I do belong here– By completing the base game with any difficulty, you can complete this challenge
  • You need a gun– To complete this task, just upgrade any of your weapons to its 100% level
  • The Protocol is about life– By setting the security difficulty to the max level, complete the game
  • The commonality– To complete this challenge, find out the secret of Kallipolis
  • Grim Reaper– Harvest and read all implant bios to complete this task
  • Two Heads are better than one– beat the two-head monster
  • In Striking Distance-By using GRP and Melee combo attack, kill any enemy

How to earn Silver Trophy

To earn all Silver Trophies, you need to complete all 9 challenges or tasks which are mentioned below.

  • Catch a total of 25 enemies with your GRP to complete Get a Grip
  • Dominate or destroy any security robot to complete Terminated
  • Print any weapon for the 1st time and complete Paper Jams
  • Print any weapon upgrade to complete Reforged
  • From the back position, stab any five blind enemies to complete Giving Back
  • Perform perfect dodge against enemy attacks 5 times to complete Flot Like a Butterfly
  • Cut down any arms of your living enemy by using any of your melee or ranged weapons to complete Flesh Wound
  • By using environmental hazards, kill any 5 enemies to complete Chew Em Up
  • Throw any enemy to kill them by environmental hazard by using your GRP to complete Workplace Hazard

How to earn Bronze Trophy

To earn all Bronze trophies, you need to complete all 10 challenges or tasks which are mentioned below.

  • To complete MugShot, simply take any photo by using the photo mode
  • To complete Outer Way, search the Outer Way boarding craft
  • To complete Desperate Times, wait for when Elias gives Jacob a shiv
  • To complete If the SHU Fits, Activate the SHU
  • To complete Without a paddle, survive yourself in the Pipeslide
  • To complete the Crash Site, go back to the crashed ship area
  • To complete Power Up, active electricity to the old facility area
  • To complete What Lies Beneath, Search the Source
  • To complete Full Circle, collect the thrown back into the original cell

What are the hidden trophies of The Callisto Protocol Game?

There are a total of 23 trophies listed in this game as hidden trophies which include the gold, silver, and bronze trophy lists. And they are-

  • I do belong here
  • You need a gun
  • The protocol is about life
  • Grime reaper
  • The commonality
  • Get a grip
  • Terminated
  • Two heads are better than one
  • In striking distance
  • Mugshot
  • Float like a butterfly
  • Flesh Wound
  • Chew ‘Em up
  • Workplace Hazard
  • The outer Way
  • Desperate Times
  • If the SHU Fits
  • Without a Paddle
  • Crash Site
  • In the Pipe, Five by Five
  • Power up
  • What Lies beneath
  • Full Circle

Are the above challenges very hard to complete?

From our perspective, we found that The Protocol is about life only might feel very hard for complete who are not habituated to hard-mode gaming. In this case, there is no hurry. Our advice is to make your plan for different situations, upgrade your all weapons to the top level, try to perform perfect dodges of the enemy attacks, and try to use the environmental hazards to kill most of your enemies. In this way, it will be tuff but no be impossible.

So this was all about All Trophy Lists of The Callisto Protocol Game.

Developer Striking Distance Studio and Publisher KRAFTON are going to release a new survival horror game, The Callisto Protocol. It is a 3rd-person single-player fps game that is placed in the Sci-Fi Jupiter Planet’s moon, Callisto. Please consult a Doctor if you have a fear of Ghosts, or brutal blood before playing.

Good Luck with your Thrilling Journey!

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