Atomic Heart All Difficulty Level Guide

All Difficulty Levels in Atomic Heart Game- A total of 3 difficulty levels are listed in this game.

Single-player games with many various levels of gameplay skill levels. From easy to tough mode, the game story doesn’t not changes, but you indeed get the different types of combat experience along with easy to strong types of enemies. In this Atomic Heart game, you will get a total of 3 different types of difficulty levels which will change your combat experience level of this game.

So this article is going to help you through everything on what are all the difficulty levels that are listed in this Atomic Heart Game.

Atomic Heart All Difficulty Level Guide

All Difficulty Levels in Atomic Heart- What are they?

There are 3 types of skill levels you can select to play this game. And they are Easy, Normal, and Difficult. Here are the details below.


This Difficulty Level offers you a strong character level with an increasing number of inventory and other essential carrying and consumable items. Enemies also hold a low level of skills with less detection skill when you are in stealth mode. Upgrade points and necessary things for gun and melee weapons can be found in extraordinary amounts.


This level offers you a balanced between you and your enemies. They are equipped with a classic and moderate level of skill and take a few more seconds to kill. Damage provided by your weapon makes the enemy stunted and then you need to do the rest of the work with a little push. The necessary amount of survival and craftable things can be found on the map.

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This is a nightmare level and needs 1000% concentration on the enemy and environment to survive. Enemies detect you easily when you are close thus your skill of steal will be examined through the gameplay. You need very hard work to dominate the enemy. A very minimum amount of survival things for inventory and crafting can be found and you need to use and spend them by doing a calculation according to your surroundings.

Atomic Heart Game Difficulty Level verdict- What should you choose?

If you are a new player, then obviously choose the easy difficulty. Examine the enemy and the environment to make your gameplay progression. If you are very well known for the latest gen Wolfenstein game, then choose the normal difficulty as you will enjoy the game. And if you have a great hard difficulty level experience with Dying Light 2 and Pray Game, choose the Difficult level for your own enjoyment.

So this was all about all the difficulty level that is listed in the Atomic Heart game. If I have missed something, then let me know about it by doing comments in the below section.

The robots are coming for you in the dark, stay sharp!

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