Best Graphics Settings to fix stuttering and FPS Drops in The Cycle Frontier?

The Cycle Frontier Best Graphics Settings – This is a free-to-play game from YAGER available on the Steam platform. The graphics look incredibly stunning. It comes with two different types of Multiplayer modes, PVP and Co-Op. This is a 1st person POV shooting game driven by suspense, danger, and thrill.

Players are offered to play on an abandoned alien world ravaged by a deadly storm. Also, there are some unknown monsters and Prospectors that players have to face frequently in the game’s progression. The environment is messed up and players will have to find ways to survive. As the game progresses, there will be options for updating gears and new equipment through completing contract base missions. This game is focused to deliver an action-based multiplayer Experience.

Since this is a very highly anticipated free-to-play game so we will help and guide you with the best of our knowledge to set the best Graphics Settings to fix stuttering and FPS Drops. So you won’t have to face any problems like fps drops, lagging or stuttering issues in The Cycle Frontier Game anymore.

How to fix stuttering and FPS Drops? The Cycle Frontier Best Graphics Settings

Make sure you meet the minimum system requirements first to run this game without stuttering and lagging.

Basic Display Settings

Fix FPS Drops and Stuttering in The Cycle Frontier
  • Selected Rendering Device – Default (Keep it default)
  • Display Mode – Fullscreen (Windowed Mode hampers performance)
  • Resolution – 2560×1400 (Keep the resolution as your native monitor resolution)
  • Resolution Scaling – 100 (Lowering will blur the image while increasing it hampers performance)
  • Image Sharpening – 0 (Keep it 0 for best visuals)
  • Max FPS – 144 (Set it to the refresh rate of your monitor)
  • FOV – 100 (Keep this settings as it is)
  • Gamma – 2.2 (Increase or decrease depending upon your brightness requirements)
  • Interface Scale – 1 (Keep it at 1 as a default Setting)
  • Video Quality – Custom (We will be tweaking the the advanced display options to get more performance)
  • Video Quality Auto-Detect – Off (Turn it off as we will be tweaking it our way to fix stuttering and fps drops)
  • Draw Distance – Medium (Although it does eat up your GPU issue you need the draw distance in the game for better ranged shots)
  • Shadow Quality – Low (Keeping it high or medium affects performance by a great margin)
  • Post Process Quality – Medium (Medium is the best option for this)
  • Texture Quality – Medium (Keeping it medium for a better environment quality and details)
  • Visual Effects Quality – Medium (Keep it medium to enjoy the visuals of the game)
  • Foliage Quality – Medium (Setting it to high is eating up a lot of GPU Power)

Advanced Display

  • V-sync – Off (Always keep it off to improve performance)
  • Show FPS – Off (Doesn’t matter if you turn it off or on)
  • Enable DX12 – On (Keep it on for best Performance)
  • Enable Motion Blur – Off (Keep it off to eliminate blurriness when moving fast)
  • Enable Multi-Threaded Rendering – Off (Keep it off to increase performance, turn it on if you have a good CPU)
  • Enable GPU Crash Debugging – Off (Doesn’t matter if you turn it off or on)

Fix FPS Drops and Stuttering in The Cycle Frontier

Update your Graphics Card Drivers

For Nvidia users, update your Drivers from the GeForce Experience or you can download or install the latest driver version 512.95 from Nvidia’s official website. For AMD users, you can download the driver version 22.5.2 on the AMD’s official website.

Turn off Background Recording and Nvidia’s instant replay

Try turning off the background recording by going to the Windows 10 or Windows 11 Settings Menus and going to the Gaming tab. Click on captures on the left and turn off the background recording.

You can also try turning off Nvidia’s Instant replay by pressing Alt + Z together and turning it off by clicking on the Instant Reply block.

Select the Correct Graphics card if you have multiple GPUs

A lot of you will be running this game on a laptop, so make sure that you are using the dedicated Graphics card and not the integrated one. If you are using an Nvidia Graphics card just head over to the Nvidia Control panel and click on Manage 3D settings. Click on Global settings and then under the preferred graphics processor tab select the High-Performance Nvidia Processor.

So this was all about the Best Graphics Settings to fix stuttering and fps drops in The Cycle Frontier Game. If you have something to add, feel free to comment down below. Also, keep an eye on Xombied Gaming for more guides and fixes!

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