Fix Application Load Error 3 in One Piece Odyssey

One Piece Odyeesy Application Load Error 3 Fix Guide- Currency, this issue is happening randomly in the PC system.

Based on the Anime story, One Piece Odyssey has been launched on all platforms. This JRPG game holds lots of adventure, action, story, and more. Currently, some PC users now facing some issues regarding this game. Whenever they are playing or starting the game, randomly a msg is showing “Application Load Error”, and then the game is not responding. Many PC users have tried from their end to fix this problem but haven’t succeeded yet.

So this article is going to guide and help you through everything on how to Fix Application Load Error 3 in One Piece Odyssey.

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Fix Application Load Error 3 in One Piece Odyssey

Application Load Error 3 in One Piece Odyssey

Here are the possible solutions from our end to fix this particular problem for this game.

A Simple Method- Restart Your PC

This is the simplest way to check whether the problem is on your PC or in the Game. If after restarting, the game runs fine, then you can consider that your system had a problem in that particular condition. And if it still occurs, then consider that there are issues inside your game files.

Recheck Game Files

If your game client has missed downloading any game files during the download or was unable to install them after downloading, then it might happen. So perform a rechecking of game files to find out if the issue is related to this or not. For Steam, it is called “verify game integrity files”.

An optional method, you can also repair the library folder also where your game is installed. Under the steam settings option, you can select the “Steam Library folder” and you can find the “Repair Library Folder” feature from there.

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Disable Anti Virus Software

The feature of the Anti Virus Software is to check whether any application is using the internet, creating changes in storage drivers, accessing other applications, etc. For this, they scan the game files, consider them as hacking things, and can block, delete, or even damage them. In this case, you can turn off or completely uninstall your anti-virus programs to get rid of this issue.

So this was all about how to Fix Application Load Error 3 in One Piece Odyssey.

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