Fix Controller not working in Dead Space Remake

Dead Space Remake Controller not working fix guide- Those gamers who are habituated to playing games on a controller now having problems when they are playing this game.

Playing with a controller doesn’t make it very much accurate like the keyboard and mouse combo, but definitely, it is very much and exciting to play with it. Also, the latest-gen controllers hold some impressive features like a dual sense which gives a real-life feeling or touching experience. Although the developers make their game compatible to play with both controllers and keyboard-mouse, it sometimes creates lots of issues.

So this article is going to guide you through everything on how to fix controller not working in Dead Space Remake game.

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Fix Controller not working in Dead Space Remake

Dead Space Remake Controller Not working- How to fix it?

Here are some possible solutions from the best of our knowledge that will help and guide you very much to get your controller to work and be compatible with your dead space remake game.

Configure your own controller

You can configure the controller from your game platform or game client from which you have bought a copy of it. For example, if you are playing on steam, then go to settings and then choose controller. Under this, you can select General Controller Settings and can choose OK from the drop-down menu.

Check Battery Level

Oftentimes, the controller becomes unresponsive when the battery level is low on the level. So check whether the same case is happening to you or not.

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Update Firmware

Like the GPU, controller manufacturers also release drivers or Firmware for their controllers. If you are using a premium or well-known company’s controller, then check for its Firmware update.

Reset Settings

Go to the game’s settings option and then randomly map the controller button layout. And then, after waiting for a few seconds, reset it and then try to play with a controller.

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Check Dongle Connection and USB Port

A wireless controller’s dongle can be unresponsive to its manufacturing defect or if your USB port is defective. So check properly what is the source of this problem.

So this was all about how to Fix Controller not working in Dead Space Remake. If you think that I have missed something, then please let me know in the comment section.


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