Fix Hogwarts Legacy Crash or Won’t Launch

This article is going to show you how to fix Hogwarts Legacy Crashing at Startup or Won’t launch, Not responding, Showing Black Screen, and Stuck at the Loading Screen

J. K. Rowling’s Harry Porter is World Famous and well known to all. And with the base of her story books, Hogwarts Legacy game of Harry Porter game is going to release very soon. But before that, this game is facing very much issues like crashing at starup, not launching, not responding, opening and showing black screen, suddenly getting stuck at the game loading screen, etc and many more. For this, there are many ways to solve these lots of issues.

So this article is going to guide you through everything on how to Fix Hogwarts Legacy Crash or Won’t Launch.

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Fix Hogwarts Legacy Crash or Won't Launch

Hogwarts Legacy Crahing or Not Launching- How to Fix it?

Here are some possible solutions form our end to fix this problem.

Upgrade your system hardware

If your system hardware bearly matches the demand of minium system requirements, then upgrade it. Becasue most of the game developers make their game files compatible with only latest gen hardware supported.

Recheck Game Files or Reinstalled it again

Use the “Game File Rechecking” feature from your game client software for error checking of any file. If it does not work then completely uninstall the whole game and then reinstall it again.

Restart Your PC

It might happed that when your PC has opened, it started with some glitches, bugs or heavy task load. Restarting your PC and then trying to play this game will solve your issue.

Use Microsoft Windows Compatibility Mode

  • Drag your mouse icon on the Game’s shortcut file
  • Do right-click and then select properties
  • Under this, go to the Compatibility feature
  • Click on the check box of “run this program in compatibility mode for”
  • Select the appropriate Microsoft Windows version which you are using
  • Click on apply and then OK to save your settings and then try to play the game

Clear the Cache files of your System and Game Files

Clearing the Cache files of your system and Game will create less pressure on your GPU and CPU. Clear them to get the best performance before playing the game.

Run the game as Administrator

Even your are the owner of your own PC, but still you need to do this to make the system sure that the game belongs to you. Instead of doing double click on the game to open, press right click on the shortcut game icon and choose “Run As Administrator” option.

Check Online Internet Connection

Even Hogwarts Legacy is a single player game, but sill it will always search for internet connection. So check whether your internet connection is stable, running properly or not.

So this was all about how to fix Hogwarts Legacy Crash or Won’t Launch Guide.

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