Forspoken Curiosity Shop Location Guide

Find the Curiosity Shop in Forspoken game- This shop is located in a particular area of this game’s map.

There are many exciting things you can do and discover in this Forspoken game. And as it is a big open-world map game, so you can find shops where you can buy essential things for yourself. Those things in your inventory will help you very much for your survival and combat time. And among all the shops, Curiosity Shop is one of them. This shop is located at a particular point of your game map which you have to find it.

So this article is going to guide you through everything on where to find Curiosity Shop in this Forspoken game.

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Forspoken Curiosity Shop Location Guide

Curiosity Shop in Forspoken game- Where to find it?

You can access this shop when you will complete almost 90% of the game. A moment will come when your playable character Frey will lose all of her magical spells at Olas, and you have to find out this shop.

  • At 1st, go to the Visoria Castle Town in south area at the land of Visoria
  • Then make your way to the inner Visoria which is marked on your map
  • Here, you can find a house which will be visible by double arrowes in opposite directions
  • This is the shop that you was finding for

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After reaching and entering this shop, you can interact with the shop keeper. Here you can get you needy items for your upcoming tasks. To get items from it, you can do it though spending old coins.

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So this was all about Forspoken Curiosity Shop Location Guide.

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