How to collect Level 5 Suit in Dead Space Remake

Dead Space Remake Level 5 Suit Guide- You can get the Level 5 suit in this by completing it a specific way.

Shooting games are very much entertaining always. And in this recent generation, it is getting more appreciation from gamers for a wide variety of choices in the game. In the game, you can now find lots of things for your power and stylish killing. The more you collect those things, the more you get stronger and the enemy party becomes a loser in front of you. Like this, there is a Level 5 suit that you can collect in this game to become stronger against your enemies.

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So this article will guide you through everything on collecting Level 5 Suit in Dead Space Remake.

How to collect Level 5 Suit in Dead Space Remake

Level 5 Suit in Dead Space Remake- How to get it?

Follow the below steps to get your Level 5 suit in your Dead Space Remake Game.

  • Reach chapter No 10, End of Days
  • Here you will receive a task of finding the crew deck keys
  • Now start the mission by following the navigator who will take you to the crew deck
  • After reaching there, go to the right side and find the door “Zero-G Gym”
  • Enter the room and you able to find a locker room
  • Then after, entering the locker room, you can see an advanced Engineer RIG schematic
  • Collect this team and then go back to your shop
  • After reaching the shop, you can demand the Level 5 suit by exchanging this Level 5 RIG Schematic with it. It will cost 60,000 credits.

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So this was all about how to get or collect level 5 suit in dead space remake game. If you think I have missed anything, then please let me know about it by doing comments in the below section.


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