How to defeat the Rhino Shark in Raft The Final Chapter Game

Raft The Final Chapter Defeat Rhino Shark Guide – This is an adventure and Simulation type Indie Game that lets you and your friends explore a great Sea adventure. You or your friends are trapped on a small raft and have to survive by sailing it to the islands across the Sea or expanding it by collecting resources.

If you wish to survive in the middle of the sea, you have to expand your raft, and you can turn it into a giant sea by collecting floating resources. And if you want to survive on land, you have to sail your raft into the islands and make your own safe house and construct your industry, locality, farming area, etc. But not only in the upper area of the sea, but there are also many unknown adventurous things waiting for you inside the deep ocean.

As we have said before, you have to face some dangerous enemies. And one of the furious enemies is Rhino Shark. This creature is large with very sharp teeth. The main problem is that this sea creature will not take any single damage from your weapons or even sharp arrows. So it would help if you found a way to defeat this Rhino Shark to further progress in your game.

So in this article, we are going to help and guide you on how to defeat Rhino Shark in Raft The Final Chapter Game.

How to defeat the Rhino Shark in Raft The Final Chapter Game

This large-scale game has lots of new locations to discover along with machining pieces of stuff. In chapter No3 on Story mode, you can find this Sea Creature at a specific location name Varuna Point 6277 while exploring a building and a crane.

When you will make your progression into the Motherlode area, you will have to face Rhino Shark as an Enemy Boss. As we have mentioned before that this Shark will not take single damage from any kinds of weapons or even sharp arrows, so there is a particular way to defeat this.

How to defeat the Rhino Shark in Raft The Final Chapter Game

Rhino Shark Defeating Tactics

  • Observe the surrounding area; you will notice four strong metal pillars. Go behind any one of the pillars and bring the attention of the Rhino Shark.
  • Now, the Angry, furious Shark will attack you at full speed. But as you are behind the pillar, it will make a small break.
  • Be careful and don’t let the shark hit the same area repeatedly, as it will completely break down, and your mission will fail.
  • After that, place an explosive into that breakage area of the pillar and do the same thing again
  • Now, when that Rhino Shark hits the same area without knowing anything about tactics, the explosive will create a big blast. The Shark will take damage. After that, you will gain access to the 2nd floor. Do the same things here also
  • After doing the same thing successfully on the 2nd floor, you will gain access to the 3rd floor; here, you will get only a single pillar in the middle area. But this time, the pillar will not break down even how many times the Rhino Shark hits.
  • Now do the same thing again, and finally, the Rhino Shark will die. Loot the Rhino Shark’s meat. After that, you can see the Sea Creature hanging as the Rhino Shark Trophy when you reach your raft.

So this was all about how to defeat Rhino Shark in Raft The Final Chapter Game. If you have something to add, feel free to comment down below. Also, keep an eye on Xombied Gaming for more guides and fixes!

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