How to earn Z Baller Trophy Achievement in Dead Space Remake

Z Baller in Dead Space Remake Guide- Players are getting confused about how to earn this trophy or achievement.

Nowadays, you need to explore any big game for earning trophies or achievements. To do this, you need to roam around all over the game map deeply. As more and more you find and explore the world, you will find many exciting things and some other side works. Completing them or collecting any rare things, will lead you to earn game trophies or achievements. In this Dead Space Remake game, there is a trophy achievement is listed which is called Z baller.

So this article is going to guide you through everything on how to earn Z baller Trophy Achievement in Dead Space Remake.

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How to earn Z Baller Trophy Achievement in Dead Space Remake

Dead Space Remake Z Baller Trophy Achievement- How to get it?

Many gamers are getting so much confused to earn this trophy achievement in this game. But if you can follow the below instructions, you can easily earn it on your account.

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  • To earn this, you need to reach the basketball court which is in Chapter No 10. But Before that, you need to go to chapter no 6
  • In Chapter no 6, you can see a mini-basketball game area
  • Interact with it and start playing with it
  • This might be challenging, but you can complete it
  • Make game progression in this mini game and complete level 6
  • You need to to earn a total of 220 points to reach and complete level 6 which can be done by throwing the balls into the wholes
  • Each time you throw the balls into the wholes, you will get 5 points, throwing balls into the glowing wholes will let you earn 10 points every time

After completing this mini game, reach to chapter no 10 and get access to the basketball court to unlock trophy.

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So this was all about How to earn Z Baller Trophy Achievement in Dead Space Remake.


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