How to fast Travel in Spiderman Remastered

How to fast travel- After the PlayStation console platform, Developer Insomniac Games and Nixxess Software released Marvel’s Spiderman Game on the PC platform through PlayStation PC LLC publisher. Spiderman is one of the official Superheroes in the Marvel Family. This is a 3rd person Action Adventure game where you will be offered to play as Peter Parker and Spiderman in New York City.

Usually, Open World type game maps are made on a large scale of size. In modern games, from one corner to another, from one location to another, it takes a very long time to travel. This is caused by the developers making this type of gameplay to deliver the experience like real life. But for, those gamers, who want to reach directly into their destination, can also do with fast travel techniques. And in this Marvel’s SpiderMan Game, you can also do it if you find out that sometimes travelling a long distance is boring.

So in this article, we will guide and help you with the best of our knowledge on how to do Fast Travel in Marvel’s SpiderMan Game.

How to do Fast Travel in Marvel’s SpiderMan Game?

Marvel’s Spiderman Remastered Game holds a large scale in New York City. As a Spiderman, you have to spend a lot of time travelling from one objective to another with web swing and running. The Insomniac and Nixxess Developer team haven’t thought about the fast travel in this game for delivering the real-life travel experience as a Spiderman. But after the demands of some players, they added a fast travel feature in this game.

To unlock the fast travel feature in this game, you have to spend your time here and make your game progress. After completing the mission or quest “Wheels Within Wheels”, where Spiderman helps a police officer, you will get a notification of “Fast Travel Unlocked”.

Keep in mind that from this moment, you unlock the fast travel feature only, but you cannot travel anywhere now. If you want to do fast travel in a particular site or area or location, then at first, you have to explore the area and have to unlock that manually. After that, the specific location on your map will be visible, and you can select that point for your fast travelling.

So this was all about how to do Fast Travel in Marvel’s SpiderMan Game. If you have something to add, feel free to comment down below. Also, keep an eye on Xombied Gaming for more guides and fixes!

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