How to Fix Connection Error in Fall Guys

Unable to Connect to Server Fix – Fall guys is a free to play multiplayer game which features a party royale type of gameplay. The main objective of this game makes you win races and complete points and rounds by passing all the obstacle course and the chaos that comes along with it. You will be paired up with 59 other contestants. The game is fun and chaotic in a very entertaining way.

Mediatonic Games developed the game first released back in 2020 and rereleased on Epic games in 2022 as a Free to Play title. It has a very competitive and cooperative experience, and you will be able to play with friends as cross-play across multiple platforms is supported. The content is excellent, and the game’s colours look vivid and bright. The game features controller support as well.

Many gamers face this issue whenever they are trying to play Fall guys when downloaded from Epic. Players reported a Connection Error where the game is unable to connect to the Server which is usually caused by an unstable or overloaded internet connection.

So this article will guide you on fixing Connection Error Unable to Connect to Server in Fall Guys.

How to Fix Connection Error in Fall Guys – Unable to Connect to Server

These are the ways to fix the Connection Error in Fall Guys game.

Check the Server Errors

Before trying out with any other solutions, check whether the Server in the game are down or not. You can verify this by heading over to Fall Guys Twitter Handle. Check their Twitter page to see if there are any server issues. They normally update when there are maintenance going on. If you find that they are currently working on that server, just wait for a few hours and it will be back online.

Restart your Game and PC

The first and foremost thing that you should do to fix the error code 200_1040 Session Expired is by restarting the PC. This method solves a lot of problems in the game as well as in your system. Sometimes restarting the Game doesn’t work so it always recommended to Restart the PC to fix unable to connect to the servers problem

Check your Internet Connection

One of the reasons of this problem is Internet Connection. So make sure you check your connection and connection speed using tools like Speedtest. Make sure you are connected to a proper broadband Wi-Fi connection by sitting near the router. If you find still getting an error try using a VPN. I personally recommend Ethernet connection rather than Wireless when gaming. Also pause any downloads that are running on the background that might hog your internet speeds. Also try restarting your Router if possible.

Update Network Drivers

Sometimes outdated drivers and softwares are the main causes of connection error in Fall Guys. Make sure you updated all the network drivers and try playing the game again.

Flush the DNS

You can Flush the DNS by opening up the Command Prompt and Run it as an administrator. To open CMD first you need press the Windows key and type in CMD. When the CMD window opens type ipconfig/flush and hit Enter. Once it is completed again type ipconfig/registerdns and press Enter. Again follow the process and type ipconfig/release and press Enter. Once done type ipconfig/renew and press Enter. Finally type netsh winsock reset and then press Enter again. Once done restart your PC to check if the problems are solved.

Try a new DNS Server

Press the Windows Key and type ncpa.cpl and hit the Enter Key. Right click on the network and select the properties. Select the TCP/IPv4 and enter the preferred DNS server you need to use. Restart the game and check if it fixes your game.

So this was all about How to Fix Connection Error in Fall Guys. If you have something to add, feel free to comment down below. Also, keep an eye on Xombied Gaming for more guides and fixes!

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