How to fix Crashing and Freezing in One Piece Odyssey

One Piece Odyssey Crashing and Freezing Issue in Console- Recently, this game is facing problems of crashing and freezing on console platforms.

We all know that recently launched games create many problems primarily in many ways. And after some days of running, the developers release patch files for this, or the game files get changed automatically according to the system hardware for compatibility. Like this, the One Piece Odyssey game is facing issues in the console platform nowadays. PlayStation and Xbox users are struggling to play this game as it is randomly crashing and suddenly freezing during gameplay.

So this article is going to guide you through everything on how to fix Crashing and Freezing in One Piece Odyssey game.

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How to fix Crashing and Freezing in One Piece Odyssey

Crashing and Freezing Problem of One Piece Odyssey game in Console Platform- How to Fix it?

Here are the solutions that we have applied from our end and the problem was fixed properly. When the game is crashing and freezing on the console, it is showing a few error msgs with some codes like “100095-5, CE-34878-0, CE108255-1“, etc. Here are the details of it below.

Restart your console

Restart your console randomly to check whether it is getting fixed or not. If it is not getting fixed, then there is surely an issue inside the game files. And if the problem is fixed, then consider that there was a temporary issue on your console.

Check for your Console’s latest and updated version

Is the version of your console up to date? Check for an update to see whether is or not.

Look for the Status of the PSN or Xbox server

Playstattion or Xbox server is down, then the gamers under these platforms can be unplayable. So check the status of your main game server.

Clear the catch files of Console

You can clear the catch files or data of your Console by unplugging the power cord for some reason few minutes. In this way, your consol’s catch data will be cleared and then you can try again to play the game.

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Turn off Rest Mode of Playstaion Console

  • Go to the settings options and then click on System
  • Under that, choose power saving option
  • Here, Select “Set Time Until PS5 enters rest mode”
  • Now click on the “don’t put in the rest mode” feature

Update PS5 Firmware

  • Choose the system software option under the system option in the settings menu
  • Then click on the system software update
  • Wait for sometime
  • After the update, restart your PS console and then try to play the game

Use External Storage Drive

If this issue is related to any fault of the storage drive, then try to install and then run your game from an external storage drive source. This can fix your crashing and freezing issue.

So this was all about How to fix Crashing and Freezing in One Piece Odyssey.

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