How to fix crashing at startup and won’t launch in Sniper Elite 5

Sniper Elite Crash or won’t Launch Fix – Rebellion is back again by adding a new instalment to their already famous Sniper Elite Series. The Sniper Elite 5 is an award-winning game where Karl Fairburne, the protagonist, fights to unveil Project Kraken.

The game events are set to happen in 1944 France. The game features a unique and authentic sniping mechanism with the enhanced Kill cam followed by great visuals.

This game features many real-world locations that have been captured and recreated for a much more immersive environment with multiple infiltration and extraction points. The game features Co-op Support as well.

After launching on the steam Platform, some PC gamers are still facing problems like the game is crashing at startup and the game is not launching.

This is what the PC Gamers are looking for since the launch of this game. We will help and guide you to the best of our knowledge to set the system at a suitable level. So you won’t have to face any problems like crashing at startup or in-game freezing, won’t launching type, etc.

How to fix crashing at startup and won’t launch in Sniper Elite 5

Before diving deep into the problem, let’s see whether your system even meets the minimum or recommended hardware that is required for the game or not. Here are the system requirements of Sniper Elite 5

Minimum System Requirement

  • CPU – Intel Core-i3 8100 or equivalent with 64bit supported
  • GPU – DirectX 12 capable GPU with at least 4GB VRAM
  • Memory – 8GB RAM
  • Storage – 85GB Space
  • Operating System – Windows 10

Recommended System Requirement

  • CPU – Intel Core-i5 8400 or equivalent with 64bit supported
  • GPU – DirectX 12 capable GPU with at least 6GB VRAM
  • Memory – 16GB RAM
  • Storage – 85GB Space
  • Operating System – Windows 11

If you have the minimum hardware present on your system, you can probably play the game by setting everything at a low level. Nevertheless, we are trying to help and guide you if your system-level matches between a minimum and recommended level. Here are some of the recommended steps that you should follow to fix Sniper Elite Crashing at Startup or won’t launch.

  • Operating System Checking – Make sure that you have the latest Windows 11 or at least the Windows 10 64 operating system installed. We are running Windows 10 v211H2 Build Version 19044.1706 on our Gaming PC and Windows 11 v21H2 Build 22000.708 on our Laptop.
  • GPU Drivers – Where you have an Nvidia, AMD, or the Latest Intel series GPU, check the respective websites for the latest driver updates. Sometimes installing the latest drivers fixes a lot of startup issues. Update the GPU drivers from their respective GPU Clients like Geforce Experience or AMD Adrenalin. Or you can manually download the Nvidia Drivers or AMD Drivers from their respective websites.
  • Windows Application Overlay – Sometimes even though your system is fully capable of running Sniper Elite 5, many games are still not compatible with Game overlays. So, disable all your game overlays in Steam, Discord, Nvidia Geforce Experience, and Xbox Game bar.
  • Verifying the Files of the Game – When you are installing the game, sometimes it could happen that your system missed a particular file during the installation or download progress. So go to the steam and verify the integrity of the game files.
  • 3rd party Application – Sometimes 3rd party applications or software makes the Game unstable. Uninstall or plug out all of them. After that restart the system and try to run the game.
  • Microsoft Visual Studio – Often Pc games face the msg like “vcruntime140_1.dll missing” or “MSVCP140.dll was not found”. Installing the latest version of Visual Studio software from the Microsoft store. This will prevent the crashing and not launching type problems.
  • Anti Virus Interference – Professional PC gamers don’t keep any kind of anti-virus software in their system because the application makes the game very slow or it scans the game file randomly. Sometimes, it detects the game files as a threat. So if your PC has an anti-virus software, then either remove it or pause it and try to run the game. Also, turn off the Window’s defender.
  • Directory Launch – Gamers always launch the game from steam. Go to the game’s directory folder and try to launch the game as an admin from there. This might help to solve the problem
  • Contact Support – If you are still facing issues, you can contact Steam support for more guidance.

So this was all about how to fix crashing and won’t launch problems in Sniper Elite 5. If you have something to add, feel free to comment down below. Also, keep an eye on Xombied Gaming for more guides and fixes!

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