How to fix Dead Space Remake stuttering, fps drop, and lag issue

Dead Space Remake Stuttering, fps drop, and lag issue fix guide- After launching on all platforms, the Dead Space Remake game is facing troubles regarding stuttering, fps drop, and lag issues.

Dead Space Remake game which has been recently launched is getting good reviews on all gaming platforms. This is a remake of the Dead Space game which was released in 2008. This game is as much as thrilling as horror also from the story and gameplay. But as you know how the newly released games behave? Yes, you got it right! It is now facing Stuttering, Fps Drop, and Lag issues. And these several issues are making this game totally unplayable.

So this article is going to guide you through everything on how to fix Dead Space Remake Stuttering, Fps Drop, and Lag problems.

How to fix Dead Space Remake stuttering, fps drop, and lag issue

Stuttering, Fps Drop, and Lag Issues in Dead Space Remake Game- How to fix it?

Here are the possible solutions from our end that you can apply to get rid of these problems for now until any patch releases from the end of the game developer.

Set the game’s graphics settings at low resolution

I know that you might have sufficient or even very high hardware to play this game in ultra settings. But in this situation, try to set the game’s graphics at a low level for now. You will not face any more of the mentioned problems if you do this as it is currently now unoptimized.

Let some extra space in the installation Drive

The game requires an amount of 50GB of space. But though, let some more extra space in your storage drive. And remember, this game runs very smoothly when you are installing it in M.2 NVMe and delivers poor performance in an HDD storage drive. So if you haven’t, try to install it there.

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Kill other Running Background Apps

Unnecessary applications or tasks which are running in the background on your system make your game very slow, or even won’t let your system focus on your game while it is running. In this case, open your task manager and kill all unnecessary tasks and then try to play the game.

Do not use untrusted Game Booster Software

There are many free softwares available that you can find in the digital market. All of these claims and promises to boost your game performance. All these apps are useless and it makes your system slower rather than the normal mode. So if you are using any of these things, immediately uninstall them.

Turn Off High Graphics Features

Nowadays, you can find so many features to look your game very stunning like DLSS, FSR, Hairworks, Depth of Field, etc, and many more. Turn all these features off while you are playing the game and your problem will be solved.

So this was all about How to fix Dead Space Remake stuttering, fps drop, and lag issues.


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