How to Fix DirectX Error in Dead Space Remake

Dead Space DirectX Function Error DXGI Error Not Currently Available Fix Guide- After releasing with an unoptimized condition, this game is having some issues regarding DirectX compatibility.

There are many games that face lots of issues after newly launching on all gaming platforms. Dead Space Remake is now one of them. This game has been released in an unoptimized condition and has lots of graphical glitches. And now, the latest problem has arrived in this game regarding DirectX. Many games are having the same issue and getting the “DirectX DXGI Error Not Currently Available” message.

So this article is going to guide you through everything on how to Fix DirectX Function Error DXGI Error Not Currently Available in Dead Space Remake.

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How to Fix DirectX Error in Dead Space Remake

DirectX Function Error DXGI Error Not Currently Available Problem in Dead Space Game- How to Fix it?

Here are some possible solutions from the best of our knowledge to fix this error in the Dead Space Remake Game.

Add the Game to your System’s Firewall

Go to your system’s firewall and add Dead Space Remake by ticking on both checkboxes “Private” and “Public”. If the game is even not on the list, then add it manually.

Check For DirectX Update

Run the DirectX Runtime registerable exe file and install the latest files directly by downloading.

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Recheck Game Files

Perform rechecking of your game files from your game client software to remove any damaged or corrupted files.

Avoid Overclocking

If you are running your Dead Space Remake game by overclocking your GPU then turn off the overclocking feature and then play this game on normal GPU mode.

Update GPU Drivers

Check for the latest GPU drivers on the internet. When a new game is released, GPU companies always release compatibility driver files for it.

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Change Graphics Preference Option

  • Open Settings and then select System
  • Then Choose Display Option
  • Under this, select Graphics
  • Here, you will get lots of install program list
  • Select Dead Space Remake and Right Click on it
  • After that, click on the option button
  • Now Graphics Preference option window will appear
  • Choose “High Performance” from the list and click on the save button to save your settings

Run As Administrator

When you are going to start the game, right click on it and choose “run as administrator” option. Then try to play the game.

So this was all about How to Fix DirectX Error in Dead Space Remake. If you think we have missed something, then let us know about it in the below comment section.


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