How to fix Stutter and lag issue in Cricket 22

Fix Stutter and Lag ingame –Big Ant Studios and bacon publisher have presented a brand new sports game in the video gaming market, Cricket 2022. The developer has developed this cricket game with fully licensed contains for which the cricket lovers can enjoy the original Ashes, Big Bash, The Hundred, IPL, and other National and International T-20 and also T-10 leagues with the ultimate experience to date.

In this Cricket 2022, players now can access new and fresh styles of Batting, Blowing, and Fielding controls in a very easy way. In the career mode, players have to deal with net practicing, press conferences, facing the real-life-like injuries which happen on the field along with the freedom of choosing career pathways. Besides, players will get the feeling of a stadium with some famous commentators like Michael Atherton, Ian Healy, Mel Jones, Alison Mitchell, and David Gower as their comments will be like a real-life analyzer according to your gameplay.

Now in 2022, this game is facing lots of framerate dropping problems on the Microsoft Windows 11 platform. We thought at first that this is happening for its high graphics and it has very higher system demand. But the fact is that those gamers who have a very high-end system, are also facing these framerate issues too.

So in this article, we will discuss how to fix Cricket 2022 Stutter and lag issue.

How to fix Cricket 2022 Stutter and lag issue

So here are some possible factors that causes stutter and lag in Cricket 2022.

  • Internal problems of PC hardware and software make the performance of games or applications or programs restricted
  • Other unnecessary applications or programs which are running in the background make the performance of the game restricted
  • Any damaged or corrupted file or unnecessary interference of anti-virus software’s all-time scanning makes the game’s or application’s performance restricted

Now any delay, let’s check out the possible ways to fix the stutter and lag issue in Cricket 2022.

Best Graphics Settings to Fix Stutter and Lag in Cricket 22

Best Graphics Settings to Fix Stutter and Lag in Cricket 22
Best Graphics Settings to Fix FPS Issue and stutter in Cricket 22

System Requirements

Although the game is having framerate drop problems even in higher-end PC gaming systems, but also you have to make sure whether you have the recommended system requirements or not. Here are the minimum system requirements for the Cricket 2022 game.

Minimum System Requirements

  • CPU – Minimum Intel Core-i3 or AMD Ryzen 3 Processor
  • GPU – AMD Radeon R7 260 or Nvidia GTX 650Ti
  • RAM – Minimum 8GB
  • DirectX – DirectX 12
  • Storage – 45 GB
  • Operating System – Minimum Windows 10 with at least 64bit support
  • Network – Broadband Internet Connection
  • Sound Card – DirectX Compatible

Recommended System Requirements

  • CPU – Intel Core-i5 or AMD Ryzen 5
  • GPU – AMD Radeon RX 5500XT or Nvidia RTX 2060
  • RAM – 16GB
  • DirectX – DirectX 12
  • Storage – 45 GB
  • Operating System – Windows 11 with at least 64bit support
  • Network – Broadband Internet Connection
  • Sound Card – DirectX Compatible

Killing Unnecessary Tasks Running in Background

Open the task manager and check whether other unnecessary applications or programs are running in the background or not. If they are running then turn them off through Task Manager’s End task option.

GPU Driver Update

Check Whether your Nvidia or AMD GPU driver is up to date on Windows 11 platform or not. Open Nvidia or AMD GPU driver software and check for the latest updates.

Cricket 2022 Game Framerate Issue Fix Guide

Using Processor Graphics instead of GPU

Sometimes the Nvidia GPU driver does not catch or scan the installed games in the system and the game does not use the GPU hardware for graphics. So make sure of it and check the Nvidia Settings.

  • Open Nvidia Control Panel Settings Menu and Go to “Manage 3D Settings
  • Now choose Program Settings
  • After that, there will be a drop-down icon. Click it and choose “Select a program to Customize
  • Now Select Cricket 22.exe from the list
  • After that, there will be a drop-down icon here under Select preferred Graphics Processor for this program
  • Choose “High-Performance Nvidia Processor
  • Click the apply button on the right below the corner side to save your settings
  • Restart your system and try to play the game

PC Power Mode

  • Open settings and go to the System tab
  • Select Power and Battery Option
  • Now here you will get a drop-down option. Choose Best Performance
  • Save your settings

Lower the Graphics Settings

If you don’t have a high-end GPU model, try lowering the in-game graphics settings. Reducing the level of these options like Character details, Shadow quality, Bloom, Light Flares, Grass, Sky, Lighting, V-sync, Ambient Occlusion, etc., will increase the game’s framerate.

Verify the Game and System Files

If any files of the game or system are corrupted, you can check them and fix them. Go to the properties of Cricket 2022 in the Steam Game client and Verify the Integrity of game files. Also, open the command prompt Type “sfc /scannow” and press enter. After that, restart your system and check for problems.

So this was all about how to solve Cricket 2022 Game Framerate Problems on Windows 11. If you have something to add, feel free to comment down below. Also, keep an eye on Xombied Gaming for more guides and fixes!

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