How to get Camo Grease Blueprint in DL2 Bloody Ties DLC

Camouflage Grease Blueprint in Dying Light 2 Bloody Ties DLC – Dying Light 2 Game’s bloody ties DLC features a lot of consumables that you can craft and the Camouflage Grease Blueprint is one of them.

Camouflage is essential to hide from enemies and enter stealth mode. And in Dying Light 2, you surely need something to get rid of random waves of enemies, whether human or zombie. In this game, you can get an exceptional Camouflage called Grease blueprint by completing a particular task.

So this article is going to guide you through everything on how to get the Camo grease blueprint in Dying Light 2 bloody ties DLC.

How to get Camo Grease Blueprint in DL2 Bloody Ties DLC

Camo Grease Blueprint in Dying Light 2 Game – How to get it?

You can only obtain this special Camo Grease blueprint only if you have purchased or downloaded the Bloody Ties DLC. In this DLC, there will be a quest which is named “The Gilded Cage”. When you are playing this DLC, you go through a room and there you can find a safe. Here, apply this special code “99-90-02” on that safe to unlock it and you can obtain the Camo from there. After completing this quest, this Camo Grease Blueprint will be added to your inventory.

Keep in your mind that you can find this Camo only in this mission quest of Bloody Ties DLC. If you are thinking that you will skip it when it will be shown and will do it later, then you will miss it forever until you are deleting your save game and staring Bloody Ties DLC again.

So, find this camo on “The Gilded cage” objective or quest and collect the Camo Grease blueprint from the safe. And if you are lucky enough like someone drops it for you, then you can obtain it without playing that quest.

How to get Camo Grease Blueprint in DL2 Bloody Ties DLC

Camo Grease Blueprint in Dying Light 2 Bloody Ties DLC – Is it effective or just for showing off?

Definitely, this Camo Grease Blueprint is very much essential for your mission progress in the Dying Light 2 game. This special camo has the power will give you to be an invisible person in front of Zombies.

So when you are applying this camo on your body and walking to the streets, no zombies will attack you. You can stay cool and even can get close to them by applying this camo on you. You can upgrade the Camo time max up to 60s.

However, if you attack any zombie, then this camo will vanish. This will not work in fighting mode. But just after attacking any zombie, when it is trying to attack you, you can immediately again apply this camo on your body and can be an invisible person. Also keep in your mind that, this camo will only work for zombies, not on human enemies which means humans can see you clearly even after you have applied it to your body.

So this was all how to get Camo Grease Blueprint in Dying Light 2 Game’s Bloody Ties DLC.

Developer and Publisher Techland has launched a new DLC of the Dying Light 2 game. Dying Light 2 is a direct sequel to the previous Dying Light game. This new DLC of this game has brought some new side quests and weapons for you.

After the civilization has fallen, the whole city is now covered in dark ages. With your skill, you need to survive, defeat zombies or mutants, and restore the world. Your precious choice will affect your progression in every step of this game.

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