How to get Korek Machete V3 in DL2 Bloody Ties

Get Korek Machete Version 3 Blueprint – Korek Machete Version 3 is a highly durable weapon that can be obtained only in Bloody Ties DLC of Dying Light 2 game.

Dying Light 2 game has introduced many various types of weapons in its new DLC Bloody Ties. And Korek Machete Version 3 is one of them. It is a Nepali Kukri melee weapon that was very famous in the Far Cry 4 game. Now in this game, you can also obtain this on your inventory by completing a specific task.

So this article is going to guide you through everything on how to get Korek Machete Version 3 in Dying Light 2 Game Bloody Ties DLC.

How to get Korek Machete V3 in DL2 Bloody Ties

Korek Machete Version 3 in Dying Light 2 Bloody Ties Game – How to obtain it?

You can find this special weapon only in Bloody Ties DLC. Here is the process to get it.

  • Open the game and access the Bloody Ties DLC
  • Then access the Carnage Hall fight arena
  • Here, select the Spectacle of the “ONE DAY IN HARRANActivity
How to get Korek Machete V3 in DL2 Bloody Ties
  • Now after starting the zone, you have to climb up on the building which is in the above picture. You can use your grappling hook and can climb up on it.
  • After climbing on top of it, you can find 3 dish antenna-type things which are painted Rabbits face on them. Break the middle one and you can find out a fuse box or locker box which is white in color
  • To open this box, you need to get closer to it and it will show you to press your mapped button for opening it. You need to press your button a total of 80 times and after that the box will open. Here, enemies will attack and you also need to defeat them and have to continue your hitting box. After hitting it, the box will open and you can get the blueprint of Korek Machete V3

Keep in your mind that this weapon will provide a very minimal amount of damage but comes with a full 40 level of durability. You need to add mods on it so that it can provide additional damage to your enemies with this melee weapon.

So this was all about How to get Korek Machete V3 in DL2 Bloody Ties.

Techland has launched a new DLC of the Dying Light 2 game which is called Bloody Ties DLC. Dying Light 2 is a direct sequel to the previous Dying Light game. This new DLC of this game has brought some new side quests and weapons for you.

Your precious choice will affect your progression in every step of this game. Also, with this new DLC, you can access new weapons, tools and skill upgrades, etc. Now killing and dominating your enemies is very much exciting and thrilling than before.

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