How to get Seaweed in Raft The Final Chapter Game

Raft The Final Chapter Seaweed Guide – This is an adventure and Simulation type Indie Game that lets you and your friends explore a great Sea adventure. You or your friends are trapped on a small raft and have to survive by sailing it to the islands across the Sea or expanding it by collecting resources.

If you wish to survive in the middle of the sea, you have to expand your raft, and you can turn it into a giant sea by collecting floating resources. And if you want to survive on land, you have to sail your raft into the islands, make your own safe house, and construct your industry, locality, farming area, etc. But not only in the upper area of the sea, but there are also many unknown adventurous things waiting for you inside the deep ocean.

This sea-based adventure game offers you to collect a wide range of resources for surviving in the water and in the land. And one of the very essential and important resources is Seaweed. This item allows you to craft materials like Flipper, Vine Goo, etc.

So in this article, we are going to guide and help you with where you can find this Seaweed item in Raft The Final Chapter Game.

How to get Seaweed in Raft The Final Chapter Game

How to get Seaweed in Raft The Final Chapter Game

Seaweed is a very common item in this game. You can find this in underwater areas near any island. If you see any islands in this game, then you can surely find Seaweed near the island’s underwater location. This essential item is a part of the tall Kelp plant which grows underwater area. Swim under and find the Kelp plants, go to its middle highlighted portion. Now collect Seaweed from there by pressing the E button default mapped on your keyboard.

Another way to collect this Seaweed item is by looting boxes that can be found anywhere in this game. Also, you can order this item by farming the Kelp plants. But the main problem is that Sea Sharks will attack you if they track you near the Kelp collecting seaweed, which is very dangerous. So be careful when you are going to collect seaweed from the tall Kelp tree.

So this was all about how to get Seaweed in Raft The Final Chapter Game. If you have something to add, feel free to comment down below. Also, keep an eye on Xombied Gaming for more guides and fixes!

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