How to make Trash Cubes in Raft The Final Chapter Game

Raft The Final Chapter Trash Cube Guide – This is an adventure and Simulation type Indie Game that lets you and your friends explore a great Sea adventure. You or your friends are trapped on a small raft and have to survive by sailing it to the islands across the Sea or expanding it by collecting resources.

If you wish to survive in the middle of the sea, you have to expand your raft, and you can turn it into a giant sea by collecting floating resources. And if you want to survive on land, you must sail your raft into the islands, make your own safe house, and construct your industry, locality, farming area, etc. But not only in the upper area of the sea, but there are also many unknown adventurous things waiting for you inside the deep ocean.

Like other online games, this game also offers you an in-game currency called Trash Cubes. You can craft this item by crafting various materials, which can be done by following a specific way. You have to collect the blueprint of this recipe to manufacture this item.

So in this article, we are going to guide and help you with the best of our knowledge of how you can make trash cubes in Raft The Final Chapter game

How to make Trash Cubes in Raft The Final Chapter Game

To make a trash cube, at first you have to craft a recycler. Once you reach the Radio Tower, you can get the blueprint of crafting Recycler from there. Now also to get the Radio Tower, you need to craft one receiver and three antennas and batteries. These items can be crafted at the Research Table. Here are the recipes for the following items.

  • Research Table Crafting – 14 Planks and 2 Scraps
  • Receiver Crafting – 8 planks, 6 plastic, 2 circuit boards, and 1 hinge
  • Antena Crafting – 4 scraps, 1 circuit board, and 1 bolt
  • Battery Crafting – 6 plastics, 3 scraps, and 1 copper ingot

After crafting all of these items, you can now able to find the location of the Radio tower. Now you have to place these items correctly to work. Here are the process details below

  • Put the Receiver and Antennas in the Raft. You must put the Antennas in a particular way in specific locations to work.
  • Put the 1st Antenna correctly as it stays one block above the receiver. At least two blocks away distance from the receiver
  • Now put the 2nd Antenna by maintaining at least three blocks away distance from the 1st antenna and two blocks away from the Receiver
  • After that, Place your 3rd antenna correctly by maintaining at least three blocks away from the rest of the antennas and at least two blocks away from the receiver.
  • If you have successfully placed the Antennas correctly by keeping the necessary distance from the Receiver, it will work perfectly and show the Radio Tower’s location on your screen.

Now after getting the location of the radio tower, collect the blueprint of the Recycler from the top floor of the Radio tower. Now collect at least 6 pieces of plastics, 4 pieces of metal ingots, 2 pieces of bolts, 2 pieces of hinges, and 1 piece of a circuit board.

After collecting the items successfully with the necessary quantity, follow the steps to craft the Recycler

  • Open the research table and put the blueprint in the research slot
  • Now press the “Research” and after that press the “Learn” button
  • After that, you can now able to get the Recycler item

Now, this is the last and final step to make your Trash Cube through the help of your Recycler item. You can now make Trash cubes by placing the Recycler in your Raft and powering it with a battery connection. Please load your recycler with these necessary items to make at least one trash cube.

  • Stone – 50 Pieces
  • Plastic, Palm leaf, Feather – 50 Pieces each
  • Wood Plank – 20 pieces
  • Seaweed, Rope, Nail – 15 pieces each
  • Vine Goo – 12 pieces
  • Clay, Sand, Scrap – 10 pieces each
  • Glass – 8 pieces
  • Leather – 6 pieces
  • Ore, Dirt, Giant Clam – 5 pieces each
  • Ingot, Bolt, Hinge – 4 pieces each
  • Brick – 3 pieces
  • Wool – 2 pieces

In this list, Wool is the most efficient material that will help you for crafting trash cubes. This Wool item can be collected from the llamas, which can be farmed and sheared, which takes hardly 10 minutes counting in real life to craft a single trash cube. You can travel anywhere to trade this in-game money to purchase your essential and survival items.

So this was all about how to craft trash cubes in Raft The Final Chapter game. If you have something to add, feel free to comment down below. Also, keep an eye on Xombied Gaming for more guides and fixes!

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