How to stop Castle Heart Decay in V Rising

V Castle Heart GuideV rising is the latest online Vampire Game of 2022 on the steam platform. It is a survival, crafting-style RPG game still on the early access level. Players have to hunt for blood in nearby settlements to regain their strength and evade the scorching sun to survive.

In this RPG Survival game, players will always have a quest of building their own castle and protect it. When you are starting off with the game from the beginning, you will find yourself as a vampire in Farbane Woods with a task to construct your very first safehouse. So make sure that you have sufficient resources that you need to build and protect your castle heart.

So this article will guide you on a Castle Heart Build and how to stop castle heart decay in V Rising.

V rising Castle Heart Build

Building a V Rising Castle is very easy. All you have to do to maintain your castle heart at all times in proper order. Players have to face the quest “Lord of Shadows” at level 10, and they need to build a castle heart with boundaries and walls. Here are a few easy steps to do it.

  • Press the B (default keyboard settings mapped) key to enter into the build mode
  • Go to the Fundamentals tab in the bottom section
  • Select Castle Heart; it needs 30 blood essence and 240 mine stones
  • If you have sufficient resources, then built
  • Place it in a place where you are getting a high percentage of buildable area
  • After that, place foundations around the castle heart, it will demand two blood essences and 20 mine stones for each
  • If you are done with the above steps, then surround your castle with fortifications and walls. This will protect you from your enemies. Each wooden fence costs 80 lumber and 30 plants fibre. Remember that some variation in the resource cost might vary on whether you are constructing a gate or pillar. But whatever, it will always require some lumber to craft.

Tips Building a mist brazier with a demand of 120 stone will protect you from the Sun as you are a Vampire Character. Each of the braziers will cover a large area in food but you need to fuel it with bones. You will be able to build a roof for your castle with a very large amount of stone too. But keep in mind that the more Castle Heart used blood essence slowly, the mist braziers are much hungrier and they will eat bones every minute.

V rising Castle Heart Build
V rising Castle Heart Build

How to stop Castle Heart Decay in V Rising

As we have said before, if you are building your own safehouse or Castle type something, you also have to protect it. To prevent the Castle Decay, here are a few easy steps that you have to follow.

  • Open the Castle heart menu by pressing F (default keyboard settings mapped) while you are facing it
  • A section named “Castle Power” will appear in this menu section with two slots
  • Drag your mouse cursor, press the click button and drag some blood essence into the slots
  • After slots are full, that will provide the necessary power and fortify your Castle Heart.

Tips – You have to feed continuously your castle heart blood essence so your facilities will remain fully operational. With the foundations of your new Castle, you will need some new resources like Leather and Whetstone to make more advanced facilities to gear up and dominate the strong bosses.

So this was all about the V Rising Castle Heart Build and Protect guide. If you have something to add, feel free to comment down below. Also, keep an eye on Xombied Gaming for more guides and fixes!

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