How to upgrade your weapons in Sniper Elite 5 Game

Sniper Elite 5 Weapon upgrade – Rebellion is back again by adding a new installment to their famous Sniper Elite Series. The Sniper Elite 5 is an award-winning game where Karl Fairburne, the protagonist, fights to unveil Project Kraken. The game events are set to happen in 1944 France. The game features a unique and authentic sniping mechanism with the enhanced Kill cam, followed by great visuals.

This game features many real-world locations that have been captured and recreated for a much more immersive environment with multiple infiltration and extraction points. The game features Co-op Support as well.

In this game, you will come across various types of weapons including your main rifles, SMGs, and handguns. But these weapons will be offered to you with a basic loadout which means they will have just the basic parts. So you need to upgrade those weapon parts to make them more powerful against your strong enemies especially when you playing in the hardest difficulty.

So we will guide and help you with the best of our knowledge on how to upgrade your weapons in the Sniper Elite 5 Game.

Sniper Elite 5 weapon upgrade – How to do it?

To upgrade your weapons in Sniper Elite 5 you need to find a workbench. These workbenches can be found in each mission. The workbench is very essential to upgrade your weapons with necessary parts in Sniper Elite 5.

When you reach the workbench, a golden gear type of icon will show on your map. Once this icon appears, you can confirm that this particular place is your workbench where you can upgrade your weapons.

sniper elite 5 workbench

In each mission, workbenches have 3 different kinds of sections. The main section is dedicated especially to the primary Sniper Rifle Weapons. And the rest of the two sections are for Secondary SMGs and pistols or sidearms.

When you start your mission, before chasing your main objective or target, we recommend you recon the surrounding area to find a workbench. In this way, you can upgrade the weapons before going along with your mission objectives.

Upgrading Weapons in Sniper Elite 5

Here are a few easy steps that you can follow to upgrade your weapons in Sniper Elite 5 Game

  • Go to the loadout section; drag your mouse to the weapon category and click on it.
  • Select the appropriate weapon you want to upgrade, then select the Customizing option.
  • Now, you will be able to see all the available parts for your weapon attachment.
  • You have to acquire certain parts of the weapons by playing the game and completing challenges.
Upgrading Weapons in Sniper Elite 5

Here are the upgrade options that can bring some major damage upgrades to your weapon

  • Power
  • Rate of Fire
  • Control
  • Weapon Mobility
  • Audible Range
  • Zooming Range
  • Magazine Clip Size

When attaching the weapon parts to your weapon, it will show how much your gun has been modified or upgraded, like how much the damage has increased or decreased. This applies to all the Weapon upgrade units available.

Almost all weapon parts will have an effect on the weapon stats in all ways but some of them might decrease your weapon ability too. We advise you to thoroughly check, study and understand the weapon upgrade path. Also before starting any mission, check properly what kind of weapon you exactly need to complete your objective and then upgrade your weapon as per your requirements.

So this was all about how to upgrade your weapons in Sniper Elite 5. If you have something to add, feel free to comment down below. Also, keep an eye on Xombied Gaming for more guides and fixes!

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