How to Use the DRS in F1 2022 Racing Game

F1 2022 DRS Using Guide – EA Sports franchise and the developers over at Codemasters have added another racing game to their already popular F1 series in 2022. The new upcoming game F1 Formula One World Championship in 2022 is ready to launch for PC and consoles on the 1st of July 2022.

The new racing tracks have been set in the Miami International Auto Drome. All the cars have been designed according to the latest and real-life Formula One Racing Cars. Players can now create a team in the My Team Career mode. The Multiplayer also comes with the vintage split-screen mode, an excellent addition for couch gamers. EA is set to deliver a new Racing experience to its dedicated F1 racing fans or F1 car lovers.

A Drag Reduction System is a system that is used to overtake other cars while racing by certain speed boosting. If you lower your drag, then you can increase your top speed and can overtake other competitive racing cars while racing on the track.

So now in this article, we are going to guide and help you with the best of our knowledge on how you can use the DRS system in your F1 2022 racing game just like real-life drivers also do while racing.

F1 2022 DRS Using Guide

How to Activate the DRS in F1 2022 Racing Game

DRS can be used on Keyboard but it is best suited with Controller.

  • Go to the settings menu
  • Select the Controls, Vibrations, and Force FeedBack option
  • Scroll down and find the DRS option
  • Activate it and keep it to either On, Medium or Off and Save your settings

How to Use the DRS in F1 2022 Racing Game

This Drag Reduction System can be only used when you complete at least two laps, and you will be able to use DRS from the third lap onwards. Also, you have to stay a minimum of nearly 1sec from a car in front of you. When activating this option, you are getting a speed boost and can easily take over your opponent who is ahead of you or leave behind the cars which are trying to overtake you. So actually, this DRS system is a very entertaining and Challenging factor when you are racing against your competitors.

So this was all about How to Use the DRS in F1 2022 Racing Game. If you have something to add, feel free to comment down below. Also, keep an eye on Xombied Gaming for more guides and fixes!

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