One Piece Odyssey Rebuilding Dressrosa Quest Guide

Rebuilding Dressrosa Quest Guide- This is one of the side quests in the One Piece Odyssey game.

There are many side quests are included in One Piece Odyssey game. Some of them are related to fighting with enemies. And the rest of them are just depending on the conversation. And among the conversation-based side quests or missions, Rebuilding Dressrosa is one of them. After reaching a particular area on this game’s map, you can access the mission and then start the quest. By completing it, you can also earn some awards too.

Rebuilding Dressrosa Quest is based on a story where you need to pay attention to your conversation only. You need to travel to some area and have to return after meeting with all guys in your path. In this way, you can complete this side quest or mission.

So this article is going to guide you through everything on how to complete One Piece Odyssey Rebuilding Dressrosa side Quest or mission.

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One Piece Odyssey Rebuilding Dressrosa Quest Guide

Guidance for Rebuilding Dressrosa Side Quest or mission in One Piece Odyssey Game

Here is the technique to complete this particular conversation-based side quest in this game.

  • Reach Dressrosa City
  • Then go to its east side and find NPC
  • Interact with this big guy, Ship Carpenter Tohbo to access the mission
  • After that, travel to the water seven area
  • From there, go to south area and find an NPC, he will be at Franky’s hideout
  • Here you will have to talk to another NPC for completing your quest
  • In the end, return to the big guy quest giver and finish your side mission or quest.

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So this was all about One Piece Odyssey Rebuilding Dressrosa Quest Guide.

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