Sons of the Forest Game Not Saving Progress Fix Guide

Gaming not saving in Sons of the Forest Fix- Neither playing for a few minutes nor playing a long time, this game is not saving the gameplay progression.

Recently, a new bug or glitch has appeared for the Sons of the Forest Game. The game is not saving the gameplay progression. After continuously playing it, there are many times gamers have watched that game-saving icon is getting appeared. But when they stop playing and again start to play, there are observing that there are no save games or progress present.

So this article is going to guide you through everything on how to fix Sons of the Forest is Not having a Game Saving Progress.

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Sons of the Forest Game Not Saving Progress Fix Guide

Save Gaming Progression is not happening in Sons of The Forest- How to fix it?

Here are some solutions from our end to fix this issue.

Corrupted Save Game File

For the 1st time, when the game was running and at the time of game saving, the file has been corrupted somehow, the it will not make the game save on further. In this case, you need to detele all the corrupted save game files to solve this problem.

  • Oen Windows Run
  • Type this on this blank field and hit Enter button
  • Take a backup of all the files and then delete all the files in case
  • Run the game

Anti Virus

If you have installed an Anti-Virus program on your PC, then it will create issue and will not let you to save your game. Uninstall the anti virus program and then try again to save your game.

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Administrative Running Method

Go to the folder where this game is installed. Then, right click on the game’s executable .EXE file and then select “Run As Administrator” option. Many gamers has found this solution 100% working.

Perform File Rechecking

While downing, if anyhow your game client has missed any game files then this issue might be happening. Peroform a full rechecking of your game files and then restart your system and play the game.

So this was all about Sons of the Forest Game Not Saving Progress Fix Guide. If I have missed something, then let me know about it by doing comments in the below section.

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