What is the Password to Start Bloody Ties in DL2

Dying Light 2 Bloody Ties DLC password – You need a correct password to enter the building, and after that, your very first objective of Bloody Ties DLC will begin.

After accessing your bloody ties DLC from your journal in the dying light two games, you will meet your first objective. And to start this, you must pass a guard who will ask you for a password before entering the building.

So this article will guide you through everything about the correct password to start bloody ties DLC in the Dying Light 2 game.

What is the password to start Bloody Ties in DL2

Correct Password to Start Bloody Ties DLC in Dying Light 2 Game

Unfortunately, this is a scripted scene. Whatever password you will tell the guard will not be acceptable. The guard, Roy Robinson, will probably ask you four times. Here, you will have four passwords to deliver him. These are “would you kindly”, “Don’t Know”, “Cake is a lie”, and “Ken Sent Me”. All of these four passwords will be declared as wrong.

And finally, this guard will get angry with you, and he will close the door forever so that you cannot take entry to this building on the easy way. Here you don’t need to worry about this. Because just after the gate guard Roy Robinson closes the door, a new character named Ciro appears over there. And from that moment, your quest will begin to chase Ciro as he will steal your money.

So this was all about what is the password to start bloody ties DLC in the dying light 2 game.

Developer and Publisher Techland has launched a new DLC of the Dying Light 2 game. Dying Light 2 is a direct sequel to the previous Dying Light game. This new DLC of this game has brought some new side quests and weapons for you.

After the civilisation has fallen, the whole city is now covered in dark ages. With your skill, you need to survive, defeat zombies or mutants, and restore the world. Your precious choice will affect your progression in every step of this game.

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