Where to find hidden items in Sniper Elite 5

Sniper Elite 5 Hidden item location – Rebellion is back again by adding a new installment to their already famous Sniper Elite Series. The Sniper Elite 5 is an award-winning game where Karl Fairburne, the protagonist, fights to unveil Project Kraken. The game events are set to happen in 1944 France. The game features a unique and authentic sniping mechanism with the enhanced Kill cam followed by great visuals.

This game features many real-world locations that have been captured and recreated for a much more immersive environment with multiple infiltration and extraction points. The game features Co-op Support as well.

This game offers you various types of challenges. And of the impressive challenge is finding rare and hidden items in the game. These hidden item collection them leads you to complete certain challenges and earn trophies. Finding any kind of secret or hidden item needs a lot of time to explore the game while maintaining 100% focus. Because its very easy to go past their hidden items if you are not careful enough.

So in this article, we are going to help you with the best of our knowledge of where and how to find hidden items in Sniper Elite 5.

Sniper Elite 5 Hidden Items – Where to find them?

hidden items location in sniper elite 5

Here are a few easy steps to collect the hidden items. First, go to Mission no three name Spy Academy. If you haven’t reached it, then complete the previous missions first. If you have already completed it, go to the Campaign mission list and start with it again.

Hidden Item No1 – Kriegsmarine Cards

Kriegsmarine Cards Hidden Item
  • To collect this playing card, you have to cross that long bridge.
  • After that follow the main west road and approach the westernmost tower. The tower should be present in the Iceland area.
  • There you can observe that many Nazi soldiers are blocking your path. Take them out quietly and don’t let them raise the alarm.
  • After that, you have to go ahead and found a fountain. The fountain will be surrounded by 4 enemy vehicles.
  • Go to the first vehicle and take a circular path on the left just like street traffic vehicles do. Follow the path to go into the East Tower
  • You will see a bar. This is the main thing. Inside the bar, you will find the first Spy Academy Hidden item which will be on the table.

Hidden Item No 2 – Covert Ops Field Manual

Hidden Item No 2 - Covert Ops Field Manual
  • To collect this hidden item, you have to come back to the main road
  • After coming back, find a large set of stairs which you can find probably on the left side
  • If you have found that, climb on it. Then go to the left way and you will reach the west entrance of the cathedral.
  • Open the blue-colored Steel door.
  • After successfully opening it, go inside the cathedral and keep going straight. You will reach into a circular area.
  • Take the left exit path and you will find a small bridge. Quickly turn left and pass the cardboard props.
  • Keep heading straight and you can observe some stairs. These stairs will lead you into a downside lobby area.
  • After going down you can see 3 tables. Your hidden item will be on one of the 3 tables, collect that.

Hidden Item No 3 – Ornate Compass

Hidden Item No 3 - Ornate Compass
  • To collect this hidden item, you have to come back to the small bridge which is next to the cardboard props
  • Go to the blue doorway which is just opposite the cardboard props and reach the small building. The location will be on the northeast part of the map.
  • Now after reaching the location, you will see stairs that will lead you into the Office of the Spymaster.
  • After entering there, you can find the Cellar Keys and some files on the table.
  • Now at near the entrance, you will find a narrow room with a locker. This locker needs a special code to open. Or else you can open it with a Satchel Charge.
  • If you don’t have both of these things, then don’t worry. The key that you collected will open the door or look out in the area to collect Satchel charges to blow up the locker.
  • After opening the locker inside the cellar, you will get the final Hidden item of the Spy Academy Mission.

So this was all about the hidden item locations in the Sniper Elite 5 game. If you have something to add, feel free to comment down below. Also, keep an eye on Xombied Gaming for more guides and fixes!

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