Will there be a Coop Multiplayer Support in Sniper Elite 5?

Sniper Elite 5 Coop – Rebellion is back again by adding a new instalment to their already famous Sniper Elite Series. The Sniper Elite 5 is an award-winning game where Karl Fairburne, the protagonist, fights to unveil Project Kraken.

The game events are set to happen in 1944 France. The game features the unique and authentic sniping mechanism with the enhanced Kill cam followed by great visuals.

This game features many real-world locations that have been captured and recreated for a much more immersive environment with multiple infiltration and extraction points. The game features Co-op Support as well.

So will there be a Coop Multiplayer support? Keeping the core aspects of the game, Rebellion plans to improve the Coop and Multiplayer experience by adding newer features and improving the older and popular ones like an improved sniping experience and a mind-blowing kill cam while keeping the tactical third-person actions intact. The players will be tasked with gathering intel and taking down Nazi officers and generals on a large open map.

So this article is all about the Coop multiplayer support in Sniper Elite 5 2022 game.

sniper elite 5 coop

Will there be a Coop Multiplayer Support in Sniper Elite 5?

Yes, the good news is the game supports both Coop and Multiplayer PVP features.

Sniper Elite 5 Online Coop Mode

Since online Coop mode is supported in this game, you can play this game with people from all over the globe. However, keep in mind that this game doesn’t support split-screen/shared screens or other local multiplayer features.

For the Campaign missions, you can partner up with one of your friends to form a two-player coop. This game doesn’t support more than two players for the campaign story missions. And probably this is the first time in the series that this game supports the trading of ammunition, and supplies between the players when playing coop.

You can also give commands and heal your comrades when necessary. The best time to bring in a friend along with you is when you will be doing the Invasion modes.

Sniper Elite 5 Online PVP Multiplayer

The new Sniper Elite 5 supports online PVP Multiplayer as well where your objective is to take down the sniper from the other team. However local vs multiplayer via split screen or shared screens is not supported either.

There are new changes made in the multiplayer progressions as well. The cosmetics, items and weapons are not locked behind campaign missions. You can get those as rewards by completing specific challenges while being armed.

How many players can play Sniper Elite 5 together?

For Online Coop Mode you can team with one more player forming a two player coop mode. Remember this is exclusive only for campaign missions.

For Online PVP Multiplayer, you will have four teams with four people on each side. You can choose between Squad match, Free for all Team match or No Cross game modes when playing Online PVP Multiplayer in Sniper Elite 5.

There are five classes you can choose your character from called the Sniper (default), Engineer, Medic, Scout and Assault.

So this was all about the Coop multiplayer support in Sniper Elite 5 2022 game. If you have something to add, feel free to comment down below. Also, keep an eye on Xombied Gaming for more guides and fixes!

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