Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Not Launching, Crashing, and Freezing Fix Guide

Not Launching, Crashing, and Freezing issue in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Game- After launching on all platforms, this game is facing lots of performance issues.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty has been recently launched in all types of gaming platforms worldwide. It is an action based RPG game which also can be played online with PvsP and Co-Op mode. With your powerful sword and magical spells, you can do some stylish killing to upir enemies and demons with a adventure type journey.

Now after launching in all gaming platforms, it is facing some performance issues like not being able to play, crashing, freezing randomly, etc. Our this article will guide and help you very much to fix this problem from the best of our knowledge.

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Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Not Launching, Crashing, and Freezing Fix Guide

Crashing, Not Launching, Freezing issue in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty game- How to Fix it?

Here are some possible solutions from our end to fix this problem.

Full Screen Optimization

While we turned off this feature, we got performance improvement in the game pretty much. The game was running much better and smoother than before. If you have also turned on this feature in your system, then turn it off to get better performance.

Visual C++ Redistributable and DirectX

Installing the latest gen Visual C++ redistributable pack and DirectX from Microsoft’s official website will easre the issue and will increase the game performance. These driver files also helps to erase the problem of sudden object disappearing in the game.

VP9 Video Extension

Some gamers have installed this on their system and the game freezing, crashing issue was totally gone. Install this software from the Microsoft Store in your system to get rid of the issues.

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Anti Virus

Oftentimes, anti virus program obstructs the game to run smoothly as it detects its files as thread for continuously online access. Disabling or completely uninstalling the anti virus program will let your games run normally.

Steam Overlay

If you have purchased the game from Steam platform then turn off it’s overlay feature to fix this problem.

  • Run Steam and click on settings
  • Then click the “In-game” option and Uncheck the option “Enable Steam Overlay while in-game box”
  • Click OK to save your settings

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So this was all about Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Not Launching, Crashing, and Freezing Fix Guide. If I have missed something, then let me know about it by doing comments in the below section.

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